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A Probate and Family Court Judge With Over 50+ Years of Experience Between Our Partners

Judge dignan

Experience Matters

Judge Thomas Dignan is the 3rd generation of his family to hold elected office and the trust of voters. He has served almost two terms as Shiawassee County Probate Judge.

Tom Dignan was a trial lawyer in a specialty firm and a practitioner in Shiawassee County, Michigan for 24 years before being elected to office in 2012.

Judge Dignan has almost 12 years of working experience as a Probate and Family Court Judge.

His judgment and experience is unmatched in this election and is irreplaceable.


Tom Dignan’s position on the issues:


  • The issues in an election for probate judge are not ideological, but rather that of the rule of law tempered with experience and empathy.
  • As a judge, he has shown his work over the past 12 years.
  • Judge Dignan has demonstrated he is independent of and free from outside influences in order to remain impartial on the bench.


Experience Matters

Judge Dignan is the 3rd generation in his family to serve the community in public office.

Duties and Responsibilities

Probate Court

A Probate and Family Court Judge has many duties. On the probate side, this court is responsible for:


The administration of the decedent’s estates (Wills or intestate proceedings) allowing for the legal transfer of property to the intended beneficiaries.


The determination of heirs in estates.


The resolution of conflicts among heirs and beneficiaries of estates.


Provides for the quick and easy administration of small probate estates.


The administration of Trust estates when asked to do so by a party.


The entry of Guardianships and Conservatorships for adult individuals with developmental disabilities, or for legally incapacitated adults.


The protection of a legally incapacitated individual’s assets from those who would seek to take advantage.


The entry of protective orders for the benefit of the elderly and infirm.


Handles petitions for change of name.

Family Court

The Family Court handles abuse and neglect matters involving the protection of children, delinquency, and adoption.  Such cases involve:


The removal of children from dangerous circumstances in their homes.


The management of child reunification with their parents in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services.


The termination of parental rights in the most unfortunate cases.


Adoptions may result from the termination of parental rights or in happier circumstances, the desire of families to include a child in their lives as their own.


When young people violate the law, they are referred to the Family Court for services. Often recognizing that these children come from challenged homes, the Court provides specialized services to assist in changing their outlook towards life.  Most are required to perform community service, such as working in the juvenile court garden which provides hundreds of pounds of produce each season which is donated to the County Food Pantry for those who need help.  A Teen Court uses peers to resolve real delinquency cases.

Things to think about

  • A local election affects the community in which you live.
  • Tom Dignan’s leadership abilities and experience are among the greatest strengths he brings to this office.
  • His integrity, intelligence, honesty, pragmatism, ability to communicate, and knowledge of the applicable law are unmatched in this race.
  • Tom Dignan’s close ties to this community over a lifetime are inarguable and meaningful.
  • His compassion for the young, the aged, and the infirm is demonstrated in his courtroom
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